Concrete Tank and Trough Repair Kits

Concrete Tank & Trough Repairs Are Just A Step Away!

concreterepairsMr Crystal Concrete Tank & Trough Repair Kits are the simple answer to repairing all those leaking concrete tanks and troughs. Whether they be on your farm, small property or even a household block, Mr Crystal will provide the means of easily repairing any leaks you may have in any concrete water holding structure.

Mr Crystal is available from stockists throughout Australia and comes as a full kit to enable you to repair your concrete tanks and troughs with ease

Browse through our web pages here and you will find complete information on the product, full instructions for application, detailed frequently asked questions and answers together with comments from just some of our hundreds of satisfied customers.

This extremely, versatile and durable product has been marketed by Crystalix for many years now. We are experts in the field of concrete tank and trough repairs and if you have any queries whatsoever regarding the product, please don't hesitate to contact us. You will find all contact details on our Contact Page.

Farmer with leaking tank problem
Bucket of Mr Crystal Concrete Tank Repair